• August 14th, 2014 Edition

    Saudi Arabia Donates $100M To UN To Counter Terrorism

    International Business Times | Avaneesh Pandey | 8.14.14

    Saudi Arabia Donates $100M To UN To Counter Terrorism Saudi Arabia, on Wednesday, donated $100 million to the fledgling United Nations Counter Terrorism Centre, or UNCCT, to help the international body provide “the tools, technologies and methods to confront and eliminate the threat of terrorism,” ... Continue Reading Al Jazeera reported. "Terrorism is a scourge and an evil that affects all of us," Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to the United States, Adel al-Jubeir reportedly said. “We believe that the United Nations can play a very strong and very effective role in mobilizing the efforts of the world to counter this evil.” hide

    It doesn’t matter if you call it ISIS, ISIL or Islamic State, the extremist brand is winning

    Washington Post | Adam Taylor | 8.14.14

    What's really worrying is that despite all the confusion over its name, the Islamic State "brand" actually seems pretty solid — and worryingly global. It's distinctive black-and-white flag was flown in London last week, and leaflets supporting ... Continue Reading it were handed out in the city's Oxford Street on Tuesday. An American was arrested at a New York City airport this month after authorities were tipped off by his pro-Islamic State Twitter rants. The group has began publishing videos in Hindi, Urdu and Tamil in a bid to reach Indian Muslims. There are credible reports that the group is hoping to target Asian countries — and Indonesia is so worried that it banned all support for the Islamic State. hide

    Saudi Real Estate: The dilemma facing newlyweds

    Saudi Gazette | Tariq A. Al-Maeena | 8.14.14

    Daily criticism in the media about their need to show results seems to fail penetrating the thick hide of the bureaucratic institution.  A local columnist even went so far to suggest that the ministry’s bureaucratically oriented housing loan ... Continue Reading programs had “actually created even more demand for homes, while the agency had almost completely neglected its duty to get more houses built.” hide

    Saudi Arabia’s stateless given special cards

    Gulf News | Habib Toumi | 8.14.14

    The cards, issued by the General Directorate of Passports, are similar to the residency permits given in Saudi Arabia to expatriates, but have features that allow their holders to be treated like Saudis nationals, a report in the Saudi-owned ... Continue Reading London-based paper Al Hayat said. “The cards ease all procedures and give their holders special benefits as if they were Saudi nationals,” Salman Al Yahya, the director general, said at the launch of new services by the directorate. hide

    Saudi Arabia Could Beat US To Low Cost Solar Punch

    Cleantechnica | Tina Casey | 8.14.14

    Saudi Arabia Could Beat US To Low Cost Solar Punch They’re predicting that the cost of utility scale solar power in the US will hit a range of $130 to $243 per MWh for plants going into service around 2019, which sounds pretty good until you take a look at Saudi Arabia. According to the top ... Continue Reading official at France’s Solairedirect, the levelized cost of energy for utility scale solar in Saudi Arabia has already hit the range of $70 to $100 pre MWh. hide

    August 13th, 2014 Edition

    U.S. Weighs Iraq Rescue Mission to Save Yazidis

    Wall Street Journal | Dion Nissenbaum | 8.13.14

    U.S. Weighs Iraq Rescue Mission to Save Yazidis The U.S. is weighing a military mission in Iraq to rescue thousands of Yazidi refugees, a move that risks putting American forces in direct confrontation with Sunni fighters for the Islamic State. The proposal is still under development and ... Continue Reading hasn't been approved by President Barack Obama. U.S. officials said the rescue mission is one of many options the U.S. military is weighing after dropping food and water to dying refugees over the past six days. hide

    Turmoil laps around the Gulf, but prospects remain bright – John Sfakianakis

    Financial Times Beyond Brics | John Sfakianakis | 8.13.14

    Turmoil laps around the Gulf, but prospects remain bright – John Sfakianakis The economies of the Gulf oil exporters are expanding. Over the last decade vast wealth has been accumulated which affords the Gulf countries a level of resilience that few in the emerging markets can match. Gulf currencies which are pegged to ... Continue Reading the greenback have offered additional stability. The elevated level of oil prices – at above $100 per barrel – is providing oil producing countries with a fiscal cushion. Thus, even as many other emerging markets try to find an equilibrium, Gulf countries will continue to do well and accumulate more reserves while sustaining high spending. hide

    Opinion: No Longer an Arab–Israeli Conflict

    Asharq Alawsat | Mamoun Fandy | 8.13.14

    The nature of the conflict has also changed from conventional warfare, where the armies of opposing states face each other on the battlefied, to asymmetrical warfare, where armies fight guerrilla battles against political movements in cities. ... Continue Reading The conflict that was between Arab states against Israel, and led to wars in 1948, 1967, and 1973, with the outcome of the latter leading to peace between Egypt and Israel, is no longer a reality. Israel’s wars now are with movements such as Hezbollah and Hamas, not with Arab states, and the patrons of these movements—Iran and Turkey—are obviously non-Arab. hide