• Opinion: Will the Gulf Lose Qatar?

    Asharq Alawsat | Salman Aldossary | 8.25.14

    It is clear that the Gulf states can no longer tolerate Doha’s often rebellious policies toward its neighbors. What is also clear is that Qatar can no longer do anything to gloss over its mistakes in this regard. Nor can it dismiss a number of ... Continue Reading thorny issues related to certain groups and its relationships with them. Would Qatar one day be able to turn around to Hezbollah, the Houthis, the Muslim Brotherhood and others of their ilk and say, “Thank you for your help . . . but we’ve decided to end on our relationship with you now,” suddenly cutting off its ties with all those who use it as a launching pad to harm its neighbors, while at the same Doha protects them and offers them sanctuary? hide

    Libya’s Islamist Militias Claim Control of Tripoli

    Wall Street Journal | AP | 8.25.14

    Libya's Islamist militias said Sunday they have consolidated their hold on Tripoli and its international airport, driving out rival militias to the outskirts of the capital after a weeks-long battle for control of the strategic hub. The ... Continue Reading umbrella group for Islamist militias, calling itself Dawn of Libya, said it has also taken hold of other locations in the capital that were controlled by rival militias. The move draws to a close one... hide

    Mosque Suicide Bomber Kills 13 in Baghdad

    New York Times | Ben Hubbard | 8.25.14

    Shortly after Iraq’s new prime minister-designate called for national unity at his first official news conference on Monday, a man wearing an explosive vest detonated himself inside a Shiite mosque here, killing 13 people and underscoring the ... Continue Reading great challenges the country’s leaders face in trying to hold the country together. hide

    Saudi Electricity says Riyadh capacity to be online by 2017

    Al Arabiya | Reuters | 8.25.14

    State-run utility Saudi Electricity Co (SEC) plans to bring online more than 4,750 megawatts of natural gas-fired generating capacity in Riyadh between 2015 and 2017, the company said on Sunday. One power plant there, known as PP10, will have ... Continue Reading an additional 1,150 MW operational from May 2015, SEC said. Two other plants, PP13 and PP14, with a combined capacity of 3,600 MW, would come online in August 2017. hide

    Saudi Aramco CEO says OPEC will take oil price as it comes

    Reuters | Balazs Koranyi and Joachim Dagenborg | 8.25.14

    The global oil price is market driven, fluctuating with supply and demand and the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries or the International Energy Agency should not try to control it, the chief of Saudi Arabia's state oil producer said. hide

    Saudi Firms That Could Feature on Qualified Investors’ Wish Lists

    Wall Street Journal | Nikhil Loadhe | 8.25.14

    Saudi Firms That Could Feature on Qualified Investors’ Wish Lists Of course, foreigners would still need to qualify to invest in the market. And the regulator also plans to impose foreign ownership limits that could be restrictive – such as an aggregate cap of 10% by market value, which includes any interests ... Continue Reading under swaps as well. hide

    Saudi scholars warn against radical groups

    Gulf News | Habib Toumi | 8.25.14

    Some of Saudi Arabia’s religious scholars have come together in blasting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil). Dr Nahar Al Utaibi, a scholar, said that extremist groups like Daesh were guilty of declaring Muslims as unbelievers and ... Continue Reading acting against them without any religious evidence. hide

    Saudis, Kurds, Hezbollah, Iran: Mideast Rivals Come Together Against ISIL

    BusinessWeek | Peter Waldman | 8.25.14

    Saudis, Kurds, Hezbollah, Iran: Mideast Rivals Come Together Against ISIL Whether the common fight against a mutually reviled foe can help thaw other rivalries—such as the regional face-off between Shiite Iran and Sunni Saudi Arabia—may ultimately depend on how tough a fighting force ISIL turns out to be. Might a ... Continue Reading sustained campaign against the militants have a silver lining of broader cooperation? hide

    Riyadh to get more water next year

    Arab News | 8.25.14

    Riyadh will get 2.8 million cubic meters of water a day around the clock by next year. Riyadh currently gets 2.2 million cubic meters of water daily thanks to projects supported by Riyadh Gov. Prince Turki bin Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, the Saudi ... Continue Reading Press Agency reported Saturday. hide

    Kidnapped US journalist freed in Syria

    Al Jazeera English | 8.25.14

    An American journalist kidnapped nearly two years ago has been freed in Syria following Qatari mediation and handed over to UN peacekeepers in the Golan Heights. Peter Theo Curtis was handed over to UN peacekeepers in the village of ... Continue Reading al-Rafid, Quneitra, on Sunday. He has since been turned over to representatives from the US government after undergoing medical check-up, the UN said. hide

    The Islamic State isn’t just killing people. It’s destroying a culture.

    The Washington Post | Aki Peritz | 8.25.14

    The Islamic State isn’t just killing people. It’s destroying a culture. The Islamic State makes a deliberate effort to wreck Iraq’s cultural spaces. The group even brags about it; a recent edition of its English-language online magazine, Dabiq , features a photo essay showing many places its fighters have destroyed ... Continue Reading in and around Nineveh province. And what the organization doesn’t bulldoze, it loots; the Sunday Times recently reported that the Islamic State is ransacking archaeological sites and extracting a “tax” on smugglers moving stolen artifacts. hide